Seems Like Only Yesterday

6 decades yet it seems like only yesterday that I was a young lad growing up in Miami, Florida. I must say that if nothing else I still learn something new everyday and that I have been fortunate that I find something to learn everyday. The only thing I wished I could change is I wished I knew then what I know now.

I received this Birthday Greeting on one of my facebook pages and while it will not mean much to most of you It Will to those that grew up in Miami

I have no proof but I am betting that everyone who has turned 60 at some point in time has thought that. Through the years I have found that the wisdom of those old people I never used to pay much attention to now makes complete sense to me and I understand what they meant. I never said I was a quick learner I just said I learned something new everyday.

If I could impart one thing on young people I think it would be patience because I found quick decisions or assumptions do not always make for a true depiction. I think that has something to do with don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that glitters is not gold…

I do still like and listen too classic rock and I find that many of the events in my life are tied to those favorite songs and in general I do get in a much better mood when listening to the music of my generation. A radio station here calls them the timeline of our lives. How true…

I have done many things in my life I have been A Baker, Candlestick Maker, Entrepreneur, A Professional Groundskeeper, and now I find myself in a new career as a bus driver for special needs children. I am not sure yet but I think I might have to say that this is probably the most important job I have ever had and probably will not ever have one that is more important. I know each day that those children seem to teach me something new and that I have a deeper insight. No matter what it is I know that what I do is important and that they are a lot better to work with than many people I have encountered in my life and the end of each day they have given me some smiles and a couple of good laughs.

It is a real reminder that our time here is short and that there are new generations on the way to pickup where we leave off. Use your time wisely and take time to look around and see the wonders around you like children do, be inquisitive and explore new things, most important just let loose every now and then and do something silly it is good to laugh!

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